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Discover How You Can Leverage The Trust, Respect And Power Of The "Big Boys" To Immediatelly Grab The Attention Of Your Visitors And Literally Force Them To Check Out Your Message...
...So That You Can Finally Skyrocket Sales Like Never Before!

This Is a Very Smart Way To "Piggy-Back" The Giants Like Skype, Facebook, Yahoo Or Google, So That You Can Increase Your Bland Conversions And Make More Money Today!

From: Bill Portnova & Mike Murphy
Subject: Instant attention means instant sales.

In today’s web economy, trust and respect is everything.

Giants like Facebook, Yahoo or Google knows this the same way you and I probably do.

It’s no secret that these sites receive an incredible amount of traffic due to their reputation...

Now, what if I told you that today you are about to discover an out-of-the-box, incredibly smart technique to instantly grab your visitors’ by the throat and force them to pay attention to your message?

Yes, by leveraging the trust and credibility from “the giants”!

This is totally possible and in just a few moments you will get access to this cool way to get more attention – something that will allow you to spice up conversions and rock those bland sales that you are experiencing right now.

Get Instant Attention And Increase Conversions In A Way You'd Never Though Could Be Posible!

Nowadays most online marketers are experiencing the following problem: they don’t get enough attention to their banners or ads.

People are so used to this kind of commercial intention that they become “blind” to them. The results are lack of sales and money on the table.

This is very simple…no attention, no money.

Fortunately for you I’ve come up with a brilliant, powerful and effective tool to make people pay close and undivided attention to YOUR message (whatever it is) and make the “CLICK”.

And do you want to know the best thing?

You can achieve this in less than 3 minutes!

My "Attention-Inducing Machine" ... Handed To You...

Over the last months me and my wiz developer were working together to come up with a WordPress plugin that would “piggy-back” on the authority and trust of some of the Internet “big boys” like Google or Facebook for example.

And after much hard work, sleepless nights and gallons of red bull I can safely say that I have created the “ultimate attention-grabbing plugin” that will make you MORE money!




So, what is WP Social Messenger?

Simple: WP Social Messenger is a ground-breaking, brand new WordPress plugin that easily allows you to create your own attention-grabbing notification box that will look like a FB message, Skype call, Yahoo messengerand Google talk in less than 3 minutes.

People won’t resist to click them...and this will mean MORE attention, more conversions and more money generated!


Check Out What this Social Messenger Look Like:

WP Social Messenger It's dead easy to use and it offers awesome customization features that you’ll simple love.

These are some of the features (and benefits) that this incredible plugin offers to you:

  • EASY TO INSTAL AND USE (no more wasted time in useless, hard-to-use
  • Design it so that it will look like a FB message, Skype call, yahoo messenger and google talk (Instantly get attention and increase your conversions today)
  • Also comes with sound effects, same as Skype call/video, FB chat sounds etc. for maximum effect... your visitor will be irresistibly dragged into clicking the notification box, like bees to honey!
  • Option to select where it appears – Up, down or even in the center…wherever YOU want.
  • Option to select when to appear – Set the perfect time to drop the “attention bomb” and watch in amazement how visitors click the notification box like crazy!
  • For entrepreneurs, online marketers, internet marketers, bloggers, small business owners, affiliate marketers... and anyone who wants MORE attention and more sales.
  • 100% honest “Your-satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee” If you are not completely happy with the plugin, you will get your money back without questions, hassles or funny business.
More Attention And More Clicks Is What You Need...And WP Social Messenger Is Going To Provide You With That (And Much More!)

Your website needs more people clicking to see your irresistible offers...

And if they come and immediately leave, you will be out of business in a heartbeat.

WP Social Messenger is the definitive tool that will make EVERY single visitor stay more onyour site, click on the notification box and increase your conversions.

It simply works, and once you put it into action (it will take you only 3 minutes to install it and begin running it) you will see almost INSTANT results.

If You Are Not Completely Sure About My One-Of-A-Kind Plugin, Let Me Through An Offer That You Won't Be Able To Ignore...

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You won’t regret it.

WP Social Messenger does what it says it does.

Not only that, it will increase your sales, which is your number one goal.

Give it a try and you will be amazed!

To conclude, thanks for reading this.

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